88th Commenative Coin

Blue Devil Association

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                                                                                                            Blue Devil Commemorative Coin 
The Blue Devil Association, the alumni association for the 88th ARCOM, the 88th RSC, the 88th RRC, and 88th Readiness Division has produced coins commemorating the service of the 88th Infantry Division in World War I and World War II, and the continuing service of the 88th designation in the Army Reserve.
The 88th Infantry Division side of the coin shows the countries of France and Italy outlined on the blue shoulder patch of the 88th Infantry Division. The 88th fought during WWI and WWII in those two countries.

Around the outside of the coin are listed the campaigns in which the soldiers of the Division participated: Haute-Alsace was their battlefield in France in WWI; and in WWII, they fought in the Rome-Arno, North Apennines, and the Po Valley campaigns in Italy.

On the 88th RRC side of the coin is the figure of a Blue Devil with a trident – again on a blue shoulder patch of the 88th Infantry Division. The name “Blue Devil,” shown underneath the figure, is the name originally given the 88th Infantry Division by the Germans in WWII because they wore the blue shoulder patch, and “fought like devils.”

The current coin offered by the Blue Devil Association features hand painted blue shoulder patches on both sides of the coin. It also features the names of all four organizations that have carried the 88th designation – the 88th Infantry Division, the 88th Army Reserve Command, the 88th Regional Support Command, and the organization, the 88th Regional Readiness Command.

The coin is available in bronze with hand painted highlights on both sides.


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