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Blue Devil Association

Blue Devil Supporters



This letter is being written to request your support for our Blue Devil Association Support Fund.
The RSC's have been restructured to become the 88th Readiness Divison (RD).  The number of our contributors has decreased significantly due to this change. 
We anticipate our funding will be enhaunced from donations, current and future membership in the BDA.

On-line donations can be made by logging in to  Enter Blue Devil Association and you can make a secure & safe donation using your credit card. If you prefer to mail donations, please send your donation to: Blue Devil Association, PO Box 23462, Richfield, MN 55423-0045

As a reminder, all donations are tax deductible as we are registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  Thank you for your generosity and your willingness to help those who are serving. 

Blue Devil Board of Directors:
George J. Steiner, MG USA (Retired) - President
Bruce Hedblom, CW5 USA (Retired) - Vice-President
Diane Halsey, SFC USA (Retired) - Treasurer
Mary Sabo, Civilian (Retired) - Secretary
John O’Connell, MG USA (Retired) Director - FRG Coordinator
Thomas Haugo, COL USA (Retired) Director - Newsletter & Website 
Kathleen Couillard, LTC USA (Retired) - Memeber
Marilyn Anderson, CW5 USA (Retired) - Member 

                                                                                                                                                                        Blue Devil Association 
                                                                                                                                                           Box 23462, Richfield, MN 55423-0045